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We specialize in flooring installation, design, and repair. We provide dustless, fast and efficient service. Contact our experienced flooring crew to see how you can get your new floors today!

*All services are family friendly!

Bathroom Remodel

We design and create incredible remodels. Whether you have your own vision, or just are tired of looking at your outdated bathroom, we can make it happen!

Pressure Treated / Composite Decking

Authentic looks create a decorative focal point for any deck, with 2x ground contact pressure-treated lumber. No matter if your style is formal, eclectic, rustic, etc. We got you covered!

Tongue & Groove Ceiling

Authentic and natural looks. Whether your style is modern or rustic, these ceilings will offer beautiful, larger-looking rooms. We use the best Cyprus, Oak, Cedar, Pine and more!

Custom Kitchen Remodel

We have done over 30 kitchen remodels! We use the latest technology and equipment in the industry, so you can be sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Custom Cabinetry

If you are a residential client, immediately upon hiring B&H Specialty Construction, you will feel at ease and soon will experience the clean and efficient experience of seeing your flooring, whole house or bathroom remodel, decking, tongue & groove ceiling or dream project come to life.

Our commercial clients will instantly avoid payroll costs, high salary costs, workers comp and benefits.

Project Management Services

Project Management Services

Our ability to effectively manage, solve challenges, and execution on accelerated schedules on time, creates a very satisfying experience that our clients have come to expect. When you hire us, you instantly avoid payroll costs, high salary costs, workers comp and benefits.

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